Kristopher Edelen (also known as Chef KPE) is reinventing the modern America dining experience. in February 2014, he launched HOTPANnyc a culinary concept dedicated to native post-modern cuisine. He develops traditional and non-traditional delicacies that are multi-sensory, using sustainable ingredients. He takes advantage of technical innovations and scientific disciplines while using sustainable ingredients to create his own culinary narrative. His goal is to help our world rebuild itself by using methods from our prehistoric diets, including foraging, fresh produce , farming, fishing , hunting and entomophagy (the study of eating insects). Edelen promotes local and seasonal produce as a basis for new dishes and finds inspiration by looking at the past, present, and future. Edelen studied at the Culinary Institute of America and has been featured on the Food Network (Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen), First We Feast and FYI. He is also an active member of the Leadership Committee for GenR (short for Generation Rescue), a subdivision of the humanitarian organization International Rescue Committee (IRC).